Facing the dissolution of a marriage isn’t an easy experience for anyone involved. The ending of a marriage is like facing a death. Divorce signifies the end of a dream of a happy marriage and it can also mean trauma for young children. Along with all of this comes the division of property and assets, as well as negotiations regarding child support payments, child custody arrangements, and of course, agreements regarding alimoney. Any couple who is facing a divorce will need to speak to an alimony attorney pasco county to start the process. The hope is that all the details can be worked out with as little stress on all sides as possible.

Reviewing The Details in a Marriage
In a marriage, both parties bring a lot to the union. When that union ends, every aspect of the marriage must be reviewed in order to divide up the couple’s assets in a way that is fair. If one person (usually the woman) has had the bulk of the job of child-rearing and has sacrificed time for her career for the marriage, she will usually be entitled to alimony payments. Alimony is calculated according to the couple’s assets and the income at the time of the marital dissolution. Part of this equation is also calculated according to how long the marriage lasted, with twelve years or more constituting a “long” marriage, in legal terms.

There’s no question that negotiations over alimony payments during a divorce can be extremely tense, but ultimately, the laws of the state will dictate the level of payments that are deemed fair. With experienced legal hands from a reputable legal firm guiding the process, the hope is that ultimately the situation will be resolved in a way that is fair and just for everyone.

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