Planning is very important in every wedding celebration. This is because without proper planning, it is not possible to have the best bridesmaid dress that one can wear. Since bridesmaids play a great role in a wedding, it is a must to select the proper dress.

There are many things to bear in mind in deciding the color, style, budget, fabric and even the length of bridesmaid dress. The typical length of bridesmaid dress used in wedding is the long one. But, everything does really change. As a matter of fact, weddings of today opt for short bridesmaid dresses.

If you wanted to go beyond the usual and follow the trend, you may opt for short bridesmaid dresses for the bridesmaids. But there are some mistakes that you need to avoid in order to preserve a cohesive appearance. Try considering the following:

Avoid varying the shortness of length. To achieve a perfect picture of bridesmaid wearing short dresses, be sure that their hemlines are of the same length. If the bridesmaids vary in height widely, you do not want tall girls ending up with a dress to be very short with them or even mid-thigh. With that case, it is best to decide for a specific hem point like, below or above the knee or at the knee. This will then create a unified look.

Avoid flimsy kind of fabric. Choose the fabric that everyone can possibly wear. A flimsy off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses will not look good upon walking in the aisle or even in photos.

Avoid leaving the bridesmaid out of decision making. Check with the chosen bridesmaids in order to see if they can have something to say about a certain aspect of the dress. You may take that as pointer in making decisions.

Avoid the dress’ length to become too short. Too short dresses may give negative attention towards them. If it is church wedding or religious ceremony, it will not be respectful seeing such length of dress. The most important thing, if it is too short the attention will draw away from the bride.

Avoid “mix and match” kind of shoes. Shoes are mostly display due to short length. So it is best that girls must wear similar style or with a very much similar look. Short dress is a great way in showing especial wedding shoes.

Avoid the kind of dress that does not look so special.

Be sure that the dress is distinctive and very confortable o wear. So that it will reflect how special the occasion is.

Avoid sitting down portraits.

Avoid short dress for formal type of wedding. If you wanted your wedding to be formal, then it is best to use the long bridesmaid dress.

Avoid variation of length. Cohesive look must be an objective in order to create beautiful view for the ceremony. It will be hard to achieve to if some are wearing short chiffon bridesmaid dresses and some in long one.

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