There are still many people who are confused when it comes to the right choice of mouth guards for the teeth grinding issue. Well, a dental night guard is different from sport mouth guard in many ways.

When anyone has been diagnosed with bruxism which is nothing but teeth grinding issue, there are few remedies suggested to them. One of the major one is the use of night guard.

While this isn’t an exact treatment for the people who grind their teeth at night, it does help them to avoid potential damage to their teeth. It is basically an oral appliance that is worn by patient during night so as to absorb all the clenching and grinding forces. The customized dental night guard prescribed by the dentist is definitely different from sports mouth-guard. Apart from being made of different kinds of materials, they even serve different purpose in mouth. Let us explore more about both of these appliances and their differences in the following section.


Firstly, a night guard protects the teeth from grinding and clenching during the sleep. It is basically worn each night or each and every time the individual sleeps. As a result, it is fabricated by using material that isn’t thick, but sufficiently strong to serve its main function. On the other hand, sport mouth guards are prescribed to the athletes so that they can protect their teeth from damage either from an accident or physical blow to their face. These mouth guards are comprised of thicker material and are specifically designed to cover complete jaw including gum tissue protecting entire mouth.

An athlete can even incorporate the team colors with appliance or team sign or logo. Sports guards can be fabricated to make it a part of team uniform. Different dyes can be added to acrylic material allowing some colors to be incorporated.


While both the sports guards and night guard protects teeth, they do it in different ways. Night guard protects teeth surface from being worn as a result of continuous clenching and grinding.

Sport mouth guard protects mouth and teeth in case of hard and sudden impact. A night guard might be made up from a long lasting hard acrylic plastic to bear grinding over long time duration. A sport mouth guard comprises of softer material absorbing force of a sudden impact.

How to choose the right one for you?

Sports mouth guards are being sold commercially and are available in various sports store online. On the other hand, night mouth guards are basically customized by your dentist.

While sport mouth guards might provide some protection when it comes to teeth grinding, they aren’t an ideal solution since their shape and material serve a different purpose. So, it is much safer to state that you can wear professional and custom made night mouth guard to protect your teeth against grinding.

So now you know how a sport mouth guard is different from a night mouth guard, right? It is now time for you to make a right choice!

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