Whether you are a first timer or a regular strip club customer, knowing and understanding a few dos and don’ts of strip clubs will definitely maximize your experience and enjoyment. Besides, it will ensure that you enjoy to the fullest by keeping your self-respect intact. So, let’s see what these dos, don’ts and tips are…


Buy a drink and at least one dance: Strip clubs not only provide free tables, but drinks and dances. Those sexy bartenders and amazing dancers are working there to pay their bills. So, when you are there, don’t simply sit in the corner doing nothing, but be a part of it and help them to keep on moving.

Make sure to tip: If you are sitting around the stage, make sure to tip at least once per every song to every performer. You don’t have to tip heavily, even 1 to 5 dollar per performer is sufficient sometimes. Besides, if you are in a group, make sure that all of you are tipping and not only one person.

Know the rules well: Different Fort Worth strip clubs have different rules concerning different things. For instance, before getting too comfortable with a dancer, make sure to know their ‘physical contact’ limits. Strip clubs are very strict when it comes to the boundaries of their dancers and waitresses. So, ensure you aren’t failing them.

Be friendly with the employees: If you’re looking for good services at the strip club, then you might as well have a smile on your face, and be friendly to the employees. It might be a small little thing but that can work the magic. They will be willing to give you the best services quickly.

Dress well: Yes, it is very important to look your best. Things like shabby clothes and body odor will turn any woman off, and dancers at strip clubs are no different in this regard. So, make sure you have a shower, wear nice clothes and perfume, and chew a gum for pleasant breath. Ladies are surely going to approach you if you look impressive.


Don’t ask for phone numbers: Dancers at strip clubs are there to entertain you not date you. Also, they are simply entertainers and not escorts, and so don’t ask for any personal contact information from them.

Don’t use your cell-phone near the stage: It is strictly prohibited to click pictures of the dancers while they are performing. Also, if you have your phone set on flash alerts, better change it before entering a strip club unless you want to go home with a broken phone and dented reputation.

Don’t use credit cards: You will be charged an extra 10 – 20 percent as service charges. Also, if the waitress isn’t loyal, you might simply get robbed. So, it is recommended to get cash of the equivalent amount which you are willing/can afford to spend.

Don’t select a dancer depending on looks alone: Certainly, you have your particular type in mind, but it is not the only thing to consider. When you are buying a lap dance, ensure to pick a dancer who is best at it and ensures good customer interaction.

Well, here you go. If it is your first time, simply keep the above-mentioned points in mind and don’t get nervous at all. Remember that, you are there for some fun time so just have it without overthinking.

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