Finding the purest and most potent marijuana product can be challenging. Another heat extraction method called distillation has hit the market. Cannabis distillate is the new wave added to the world of concentrates. It is nicknamed ‘The Pure’ and is tasteless and odorless extract.

What really is cannabis distillate?

Cannabis concentrates are available in different textures and generally include some impurity level like residual solvents or plant waxes. Alternatively, cannabis distillate is solvent based, ultra-refined extract. The products selected for the distillation process are not in high demand. They can lack terpene profile or are dark in color or just possess lots of residual solvent.

Taking such forms of cannabis concentrates producers refine them using the distillation process. Cannabinoids are isolated from the starting products including solvents, waxes, and terpenes. Final product is clear and clean liquid that is 99% pure.

Cannabis distillate is said to be commercial marijuana’s future. This technology will possibly root some changes. It has already started to be displayed in trade shows, conferences, and every legal cannabis market. Search for ‘recreational dispensary near meon Google and try this new product.

Making of Cannabis Distillate

Cannabis concentrates like shatter or wax used solvents like butane to extract main components from the plant matter. To make flower rosin, bubble hash and full melt hash, no solvent is used but heat and pressure technique is applied to extract terpenes and cannabinoids. However, both these approaches have their pitfalls like solvent residue or other plant matter is left behind.

On the other hand, distillation is a process that separates and refines the molecules. You get a clean and solvent free concentrated liquid. Distillation process is time-consuming and expensive but results are worthy.

Downsides & criticism

Biggest criticism of distillation technique is that it destroys all the terpenes due to heat. Terpenes are very delicate and need low temperature to extract it. In addition, terpenes possess therapeutic value, which gets diminished. However, extractors can avoid this issue by extracting terpenes separately and then re-infusing them with cannabinoids. Thus, the aroma and flavor get re-introduced along with medical benefits.  Sometimes, the terpenes re-introduced are not from cannabis plant but are from naturally occurring plants, for example cotton-candy flavored weed.

Distillate process needs safe raw products because distilling cannot eliminate all the pesticides. Therefore, it is very expensive. Undoubtedly cannabis distillate produces are top-shelf concentrates. Even though the cost of cannabis distillate products increases because of lengthy purging process, the pure and awesome flavors is worthy.

Future of cannabis distillate technique

Cannabis distillation process is getting more and more commercialised and its demand is surpassing supply. Distillate is odorless and flavorless, so weed taste in edibles gets eliminated. It means every kind of distillate edible ranging from savoury products to gum and soda will be seen in recreational market very soon. On the therapeutic side, expect medical community to get their personal customized cannameds in bottles. Distillate makes raw ingredient, which can be easily added to any kind of topical or cosmetic products.

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