If you ask an experienced aquarium hobbyist, they will tell you tank filter is the most crucial equipment of tank. A good quality fish tank filter will not only remove solid and dissolved waste products from water but also help in cultivating beneficial bacteria to maintain nitrogen cycle. However, not all the hobbyist clean filters on a regular basis which leads to various problems.

Modify your aquarium maintenance schedule

All of us have a schedule in place when it comes to maintaining the aquarium. You replace the water every week and replace the filter media once a month. However, not many of us clean tank filter often. It is also essential to include cleaning of aquarium filter in the schedule.

Before you make a decision about the type of filter you wish to choose, it is essential to understand the functions of different types of filters. These filters could be divided into following categories –

  • Canister filters
  • Protein skimmers
  • Biological filters
  • Under gravel filters

How to find the right filter for tank?

Choosing the right store to purchase filter is a difficult task. You need to have some knowledge about different types of aquarium tanks and filters before proceeding ahead. You could explore the internet and make a list of stores offering advanced quality filters. There are few things that you must look in a store before making a purchase –

  • Budget
  • Quality
  • Requirement
  • Best fit for the aquarium

Does choosing the cheap or highly expensive filter make sense?

You will find hundreds of filters online, some might be cheap while some will be extremely overpriced. Do not choose a filter because it is too expensive and you simply want best for your fish. Similarly, do not choose anything just because it is underpriced and it will fit in your pocket. Thoroughly check the features of filters and ensure that it is the right fit for your aquarium. Price needs to be a factor but it must not be the only factor when it comes to filter shopping.

Prioritize the quality

Quality must be your top priority while making the choice. You could make a onetime investment in a durable filter and forget about aquarium issues. Make sure that the product has undergone all the quality check. Besides this do not forget to check the testimonial section and ratings of the product. You could proceed ahead with products that have got at least 4-star ratings.

Most of the customers do not hesitate to provide a genuine feedback about their experience. If they are not happy with a product, they will not think twice before posting an honest review. In this way, you will get a clear idea whether to proceed ahead with the supplier or not.

You could checkout the payment procedure before proceeding ahead. Most of the online stores accept debit cards and credit cards of most of the banks. Some of them also accept payment via PayPal. Choose a payment method that is convenient to you.

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